Annual dues invoice via email, take a moment to make sure we have your  contact info up to date. 

Now you can pay your annual dues and application fees online directly through PayPal ! 
Simply follow the link, log into your paypal account, choose "pay or send money", then "pay for goods or services" enter the email and follow the prompts to make your payment. 

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Recertification guidelines and application forms
Member recertification is due Oct 1st of your recertification year (every 5 years)

Mentorship Guidelines
Recertification Instructions & Waiver
Recertification Application

We have business cards - contact us if you are a member and would like to have some!

Active Member List

Active Charter Members
  Sherri Miller
  Deb Reeder
  Sharon Klingler
  Jessie Loberg
  Jamie Defazio
  Kristi Ely

Heather Hopkinson
Jess Beamer
Sue Loly
Kristina Perry
Tammy Treitline
Christopher Rizzo
Rebecca Johnston
Jamie Newbill Hicks

Jenny Woods
Carrie Agne
Ryan Corrigan
Shana Lemmenes
Ashley Kern
Molly Cripe Birt
Stephanie Gabriel

  Congratulations to our
     2017 new member:
            Stephanie Wertman

Inactive Charter Members
 DeeAnn Wilfong, CVT, Amy Butzier, CVT, Joni Watkins, RVT